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Plain summary of what happened in CRG, Barcelona

Here are some notes of a computer scientist’s experience who was very near to get a TBI while working with Maria Lluch, CRG‘s staff scientist.
The latter has been promoting her scientific career servicing to Luis Serrano, CRG Director for his private needs, which, however extraneous or ugly it may look like, hands down should not be whoever else’s business unless the research integrity and well-being of another persons were drastically affected and put in a shambles.

In previous posts you can see mainly inside description (with the copies of emails and other documents) of the working and firing process performed within the walls of «an international biomedical research institute of excellence» — i.e. CRG, EMBL outstation in Barcelona: the torture of mobbing and lies with yet hardly believable outcome lasted for several months.
(Court hearing is scheduled for the end of Jan, 2018 as this is in Spain, so very apt country for misconduct being unabated).

The only excuse for so direct summary of what happened is that the nature of Maria Lluch-Senar’s job at CRG and peculiar success is of no secret within those walls, also due to quite open demonstration of her deep connection, way far to be really intellectual, with her patron accompanied by «the closest person, his right hand, she can get fired anyone» (indeed! not to mention full access to CRG director‘s desktop…), so forth interesting confessions and blatant research misconduct.

Scientific misconduct is not uncommon in Spain
It’s worth to mention, that all this shame is silently supported and even sponsored with millions of € grants both by EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) and ERC (European Research Council)

How a Computer Scientist was illegally fired from CRG (Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona)
for disobedience to the Director’s favorite Maria Lluch Senar
Director:  Luis Serrano Pubul
Lab: Design of Biological Systems (Serrano lab)
Project: Mycoplasma DB for MycoSynVac / ERC funded
Meet Franco-styled modern Spanish science: